A Design-Build Company

Whether your aim is to establish a new garden, restore a forgotten garden, or create more diverse, native habitat for birds on your land Birdhaven can help you transform your property.

Working to remove invasive species and replace with more native ones, Birdhaven creates site-specific ecological matrices that mimic Nature and attract our native bird species to food, water and shelter. Along with birds come butterflies and other pollinators so your gardens can light up with life!

Experience a transformation of your land and garden built to attract birds and pollinators for year-round enjoyment. Birdhaven brings a sound knowledge of ecology, bird biology and botany to your home, maximizing features in the landscape that may have previously been hidden.

Birdhaven offers smaller services as well, including containers and pots as well as consulting.



Nathaniel Hall Taylor (owner) graduated from Cornell University specializing in plant and bird science. He spent many years working as a field biologist all over the world as well as gardening and landscaping in and around Massachusetts. His enthusiasm in watching birds thrive and plants grow is infectious. He lives between Boston and Cape Cod with his wife and two children.